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*Note: some policies are being revised. Please contact the library at esl [at] library [dot] berkeley [dot] edu to ask about any specific policy.

For Archival Materials see Rules for the use of the Special Collections


We welcome you to the Ethnic Studies Library! In order to both provide you with access to the materials we have and ensure the safety of our materials, see the below guidelines for using the library. 

Use Guidelines:

  • No food or drink is allowed in the library.  Water is allowed in containers with lids.
  • We try to maintain the library  If you need a meeting area for group work please ask. Reservations can be made.
  • No cell phone use in the library please
  • Users agree to assume responsibility for the damage or loss of materials and agree to comply with library rules and regulations.

Returning Materials:

  • Return material to the circulation desk during library hours. After hours, return books to a library book drop. Refer to the lending library for information on returning non-book materials. Return interlibrary loan material to 133 Doe.
  • Return Receipts may be requested from a circulation desk for returned material. Materials damaged or incomplete should be brought immediately to the owning library circulation desk to discuss repair or replacement options that may be available. The Library does not keep a record of receipts issued.

Borrowing Privileges:

  • Library users: ONLY those with a current UC registration card, staff identification card, or Library Borrowing-Privileges Card may check out library materials.

Library Privileges:

  • Borrowers who have overdue materials and/or owe any service fees will be deprived of their borrowing privileges until the overdue material(s) are returned and/or replacements are paid in full.

Lending Periods:

  • Most materials are due in two weeks. 
  • No renewals through voice mail or by phone. Materials can be renewed online through OskiCat, or in person.


  • One copy of each reserves title will be non-circulating. Up to 2 reserve readings may be checked out at a time. As determined by the instructor, reserves lending periods are either 2 hours or one day.

Non-circulating Materials:

  • Green, yellow and red dot books, periodicals, newspapers, newsletters, newsclippings, and vertical files.

Materials on Hold:

  • At a user's request, an item may be placed on hold. When the item becomes available, notification is made by phone or email.
  • Item must be picked up within 3 days of notification; after 3 days, the item(s) will be placed back into circulation.

Service Charges:

  • The service charge policy will be strictly enforced. At the discretion of the Librarians, replacement copies will be accepted. However, the Ethnic Studies Library will charge the University Library standard $150 replacement fee or more, depending on the value of the title; plus a processing fee of $10 for each non-returned book.

Interlibrary Loan:

  • Two-week loan period on non-restricted materials and processed through UC Interlibrary Loan Offices only. The Ethnic Studies Library reserves the right to deny an ILL request for restricted, fragile, unique or out-of-print materials.
  • No interlibrary loans of microfilm or videos.



Note: some policies are being revised. Please contact the library at esl [at] library [dot] berkeley [dot] edu to ask about any specific policy.

Revised 10/17/2018

To use our archives, it is advised (but not required) to call or e-mail the subject librarian for the archives you wish to view. Please bring the call number of the archival collection you wish to view which can be found on Oskicat, UC Berkeley Libraries online catalog. In general, please allow 1-2 weeks in advance of your visit. Note that some archival collections are stored at NRLF rather than on site and we need at least one week in advance to request. The collection location is located on Oskicat. 

Permission to Use:

Permission to examine manuscripts and printed materials in the Special Collection, including Locked Case materials and photograph collections, does not carry with it permission to publish. It is also subject to whatever restrictions have been placed on specific holdings by their writers, donors, or the Ethnic Studies Library. In certain cases, users may be requested to use microfilm or printed copies of the manuscripts when such copies are available.

See the Ethnic Studies Library Pictorial Permission Form for more information on fees and permission procedures. Please e-mail esl [at] library [dot] berkeley [dot] edu for permission requests. 


Fill out the archives registration form at the Circulation Desk and show identification.  All briefcases, laptop cases, envelopes, notebooks with pockets and other items must be checked in.

See the Ethnic Studies Library Archive Materials Reader Registration Form for more information. This form should be filled out on-site, you do not need to fill it out in advance. 


Users are responsible for the safeguarding of any materials made available to him/her and must preserve the existing order and arrangement of the archival materials.  Users are responsible for complying with copyright law. No photocopies of photographs. Pencil only in the archive use area.

Duplication (Photographs, Photocopies and Scans): 

  • Duplication of photographs or archival materials and reprinting of photographs is allowed if it can be done without injury to the material and when not otherwise restricted, and with permission from the librarian in charge of the collection. 
  • Photos and reprints of photographs, photocopies of archive materials and other resources are for personal use only. They may not be reduplicated and deposited elsewhere or added to a public website without the prior written permission of the Ethnic Studies Library. 
  • In order to locate items again in the future and for citation purposes, all photographs must include an ESL citation label (availalbe at the archives use table). 
  • Cameras with no flash (including phones) are allowed after completion of Camera Use Policy Form during reader registration.* Photography with no flash is allowed free of charge.
  • Due to the fragility of the materials, scanning of archives is not allowed without consultation with the librarian. For photocopies or scans, prepayment is required (No cash, check to UC Regents ONLY). 
  • All photocopies are to be made by the library staff and at the expense of the user.
  • See our Ethnic Studies Library Request for Photocopies Form for more information on fees and polices for photocopies and scans. 

On-site filming or videotaping of archives and fragile materials (appointment required): $250 per hr/minimum. Or user may request digital scans from original material and from images to be emailed for $40 per color scan and $30 per scan per black & white scan (for reference use only).

Use fees for various editorial and commercial purposes, including video, television, film, internet and exhibitions, range from $50 to $150. See separate schedule, Ethnic Studies Library Use Fee Schedule,* for details. Fees are negotiable for non-profit organizations. Payment of fees does not grant a license to reprint or publish. Contact librarian for more information.

Copyright Restrictions:

Duplication of archival materials, video and photographic reproductions is supplied for REFERENCE purposes only. Permission to publish does not constitute copyright clearance; materials owned by the Ethnic Studies Library which may be subject to copyright clearance will also require written permission from the current copyright owner(s), their heirs or assignees.

*Currently available at the Ethnic Studies Library and linked below.



The Ethnic Studies Library is pleased to accept donations in the form of library materials or monetary gifts. Please contact the Head Librarian, Lillian Castillo-Speed at csl [at] library [dot] berkeley [dot] edu for more information.



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