Revistas: An Annotated Bibliography of Spanish Language Periodicals

Bibliotecas Para La Gente, Periodical Committee

"Revistas will exert a big, positive influence on Spanish-language collections...[it is] an excellent resource...undoubtedly useful to school, public and community college librarians throughout the United States." Lector

This list is the best guide to Spanish-language magazines, those most suitable for public libraries. Thoughtful annotations consider subject, content, audience, utility, popularity, special features, quality of photographs, and illustrations from a myriad of Spanish-language magazines. The list is punctuated by recommendation ratings by the members of the professional library organization that compiled it. It includes a directory of publishers and distributers.

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ISBN: 0-918520-07-X
Publication Year: 1982
Cover: Paper
Size: 31 Pages, 8.5x11 inches
Series # : 9