Darkness Under the Trees

Luis Omar Salinas

"His style is powerfully individual, but it dips into the deep well of Chicano heritage...In this collection his heartfelt delivery and imagination are fashioned to their finest tuning." Northwest Review

This volume is really two poetry collections under one cover. The first part concerns those moments when it is difficult, almost impossible to continue after witnessing the world's dark edges. The second is a visionary link, and perhaps homage to the poets of the Spanish Civil War, whose sensibilities the author shares in style and in sense of world community. Together they play off one another and affirm Salinas' deep appreciation of life and his empathy for the ungenerous portions of fate.

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ISBN: 0-918520-04-5
Cover: Paper
Size: 120 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Series # : 6