Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection

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The Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection includes general works on race and
ethnicity which provide background and context for the other collections in the
Ethnic Studies Library: the Asian American Studies Collections, the Chicano
Studies Collections, and Native American Studies Collections. The emphasis of
the collection is on comparative works about the ethnic groups within the United
States and Indigenous peoples not native to the Western Hemisphere. In general,
the CES Collection supports the curriculum of the Ethnic Studies graduate
curriculum. Materials include, but are not limited to: books, serials, posters, and
A special collection is the Ethnic Studies Faculty Section, which highlights the
research and creative publications of our Ethnic Studies faculty and includes
books, articles, and other materials.
Another aspect of the Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection is its documentation
of the history of the Ethnic Studies Department. Departmental documents,
archival collections of faculty papers, minutes of meetings, and other materials
have a place in the CES Collection.

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