Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection

Image from the Third World Strike at University of California, Berkeley Collection, 1969-1972

The Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection was established in 1997 in conjunction with the Comparative Ethnic Studies program in the Department of Ethnic Studies. In addition to works on race and ethnicity from a comparative perspective, the collection also includes general works on race, ethnicity, and race relations, including works on African American history, culture, and politics, which provide critical context for the other collections in the Ethnic Studies Library: the Asian American Studies Collections, the Chicano Studies Collections, and Native American Studies Collections. 

The collection also includes materials related to research justice, social justice, activism and social movements, and organizing, particularly around racial justice. In addition, the collection holds archival collections which document scholarship and activism around racial justice. Materials include, but are not limited to: books, serials, posters, archives, microfilm, and film.
A special collection is the Ethnic Studies Faculty Section, which highlights the research and creative publications of our Ethnic Studies faculty and includes books, articles, and other materials.
Another aspect of the Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection is its documentation of social movements and the history of the Ethnic Studies Department including the history of the Third World Liberation Front. Departmental documents, archival collections of faculty papers, minutes of meetings, and other materials have a place in the CES Collection.


The Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection includes several archival collections including but not limited to the following:

The Comparative Ethnic Studies Zine Collection:

The Comparative Ethnic Studies Zine Collection, established in 2016, is comprised of zines made by and about people of color, specifically African Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, Chicana/os, and Native Americans. Zines are independently published magazines on topics that range from personal narratives, poetry, political analysis, visual art, history, etc. The CES Zine Collection is a non-circulating collection and can be viewed at the Ethnic Studies Library in the CES Zine Collection Vertical File.

To view zines in the collection, search "Comparative Ethnic Studies Zine Collection" in quotations in UC Library Search. To view a particular zine, bring the call number to the circulation desk and they will retrieve the zine for you to be viewed in the library.

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