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On February 7, 1997, the Chicano Studies Library at UC Berkeley became part of the new Ethnic Studies Library, a consolidation of the three libraries in the Ethnic Studies Department.

At the same time, the Chicano Studies Library Publications Unit, publisher of the Chicano Database on CD-ROM, the Chicano Index,and other first-of-its-kind reference works, became the Ethnic Studies Library Publications Unit. The ESL Publications Unit will produce and publish Asian American Studies, Native American Studies, as well as Chicano/Latino Studies reference works.



California Indian Library Collections on CD ROM--2 Discs Now Available!
Title:  Miwok Indians: California Indian Library Collections on CD ROM
Title:  Pomo Indians: California Indian Library Collections on CD ROM
These discs are interactive, multimedia collections.  The archival material has been divided into search categories, each containing photographs, sound recordings, and textual material.           

•System requirements for Macintosh: Macintosh II or greater with 4 MB available RAM; 13” or greater color monitor, System 7.0 or greater recommended; Mac compatible CD-ROM drive, 2X speed recommended.

 •System requirements for PC: IBM compatible computer with 4 MB available RAM; 13” or greater color SVGA monitor; Windows 3.1; Sound card recommended; PC compatible CD-ROM drive and interface card, 2X speed recommended.

 Format: 1 CD-ROM : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in

Series: California Indian Library collections on CD-ROM.

Language: English

Imprint: Berkeley, CA : California Indian Library Collections, University of California, [1994]

Title from disc label: Compiled by California Indian Library Collections Project, U.C. Berkeley.


Price for each disc: $25.00 pre-paid, which includes shipping and handling.  See below for ordering information.

¡Celebración!: A Directory of Latino and Cultural Resources in Orange County, CA

Francisco García-Ayvens and Ana María Serrato

The goal of this directory is to promote communication for all residents of Orange County. The library professionals who created the directory are keenly aware of the demographic changes in Orange County and the increasing influence of the Latino community upon it. This directory lists the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of prominent Latino individuals and organizations under such headings as Art, AIDS, Community Centers, Music, Education, and Theater. A personal name index, organizational name index, and a geographical index also aid accessibility.

Price: $10.00 + $2.00 S/H
ISBN: None
Publication Year: 1994
Cover: Paper
Size: 82 Pages, 8.5 x 11 inches
Series # : None 

Out of Print Titles

Frida Kahlo: A Bibliography With Biographical Introduction / Rupert García

Arte Chicano / Goldman, Ybarra-Frausto

Spanish Language Reference Books / Bibliotecas Para La Gente

Biblio-Poltica / García-Ayvens and Chabrán

Guide to Ethnic Sources at UC Berkeley / Goniwiecha, et al.

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