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For conducting research at the UCB Ethnic Studies Library. Some resources in other UC Berkeley libraries are also included (easily accessible from the Ethnic Studies Library). Oskicat links are the permanent links for each record in Oskicat. Call numbers for San Jose State University and California State University in Fullerton are also included in some cases, to accommodate students from other Ethnic Studies departments. 

All-Purpose Resources
Arts & Literature
Health & Medicine
Law & Politics
Tribes, Nations, and other Organizations

All-Purpose Resources

Birchfield, D. (Ed.). (1997). The Encyclopedia of North American Indians (Vols. 1-11). New York: Marshall Cavendish. UCB NAS: REF E76 .2 .E53 1997 NAS 

SJSU BLA: J REF 970.1 Encyclop Comprehensive reference to history and culture of Native Americans, including bibliographies and indexes to nations and tribes, pronunciation, people, legislation and treaties, calendar of native events, and more. The majority of contributing authors and editors are Native American professionals, artists, and academics dedicated to an authentic, non-stereotypical, and living view of their subjects. Includes color and black & white photographs (note the publication date). 

Crow, M.R. (2000). Indian Country Address Book (3rd Ed.). Nyack, NY: Todd Publications. UCB NAS: REF E76 .2 I527 2000(3) NAS Covering 71 subject categories, it provides a directory of names and contact information for a broad range of persons and organizations in the national Native American community. Descriptive or background information is provided with some of the listings. Arrangement is alphabetical by subject and name, so unless you know exactly who you're interested in finding, browsing is necessary. Listings made in this publication do not constitute any kind of endorsement or qualification. Semiannual. For a similar, more current source, see in the online resource guide. 

Klein, B. T. (Ed.). (2003). Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian (10th Ed.). Nyack, NY: Todd Publications. UCB NAS: REF AG1 .K5 2003 NAS Currently in it's 14th ed (2008), 11th ed (2005) edition available in Doe: Doe Reference: E76.2 .R41 2005 

SJSU King: E76.2. .K55x 2000 [most recent edition 2000] 

CSUF: E76.2 K58 1998 [most recent edition 1998] Contains information about events, reservations, tribal councils, associations and organizations, schools, health services, museums, libraries, audio-visual aids, periodicals, and commerce, including gaming. Divided into four sections covering source listings, Canadian listings, a bibliography of 4,500 in-print books, and 2,500 biographies of prominent Native Americans. 

Langer, H.J. (Ed.). (1996). American Indian Quotations. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. UCB NAS: REF PN 6081 .4 .A43 1996 [cop. 1] NAS 

SJSU King: REF PN6081.1 .A43 1996 

CSUF: REF PN6081 .4 .A43 1996 Attributed and anonymous American Indian quotations, prayers, and proverbs. Has author, subject/keyword, and tribal indexes. Includes some photographs. 

5. Native American Bibliography series. (1980-2003). Lanham, MD & Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press UCB NAS: Various Call Numbers SJSU King: Various Call Numbers CSUF: Various Call Numbers 

With 29 titles in the UCB catalog to date, this is an excellent source for detailed bibliographies on specific topics, such health and healthcare, historical demography, labor, languages, as literature, natural resource management, prehistory, resurgence, women, selected tribes, and regional guides. Titles are catalogued separately. List of Titles with permanent Oskicat links to each record: 

1. Bibliography of the Sioux 

2. A Bibliography of Native American Writers, 1772-1924  

3. Bibliography of the languages of Native California, including closely related languages of adjacent areas 

4. A guide to Cherokee documents in foreign archives 

5. A Bibliography of Native American Writers, 1772-1924, Supplement 

6. Bibliography of the Osage

7. A guide to Cherokee documents in the Northeastern United States 

8. In pursuit of the past: an anthropological and bibliographic guide to Maryland and Delaware 

9. The Indians of Texas: an annotated research bibliography 

10. Bibliography of the Catawba 

11. Bibliography of the Chickasaw 

12. Kinsmen through time: an annotated bibliography of Potawatomi History 

13. Bibliography of the Blackfoot 

14. The upstream people: an annotated research bibliography of the Omaha Tribe 

15. Languages of the aboriginal southeast: an annotated bibliography 

16. Yakima, Palouse, Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla, and Wanapum Indians : an historical bibliography 

17. The Seneca and Tuscarora Indians: an annotated bibliography 

18. The Native American in long fiction: an annotated bibliography 

19. Indigenous languages of the Americas: a bibliography of dissertations and theses 

20. Health of Native people of North America: a bibliography and guide to resources 

21. Bibliography of the Indians of San Diego County : the Kumeyaay, Diegueño, Luiseño, and Cupeño 

22. Indian slavery, labor, evangelization, and captivitvy in the Americas : an annotated bibliography 

23. Diné bibliography to the 1990s : a companion to the Navajo bibliography of 1969 

24. Native Americans in the Saturday evening post 

25. The Native American in short fiction in the Saturday Evening Post : an annotated bibliography 

26. The Shawnee Indians : an annotated bibliography 

27. The Native American in long fiction : an annotated bibliography : supplement, 1995-2002 

28. The Pawnee nation : an annotated research bibliography 

29. American Indian sovereignty and law : an annotated bibliography 

6. Vertical Files of the Native American Studies Collection [uncataloged] 

UCB: NAS Seventy-two linear feet of ephemera, gray literature, newspaper and journal articles, photographs, student papers, and correspondence on a comprehensive range of subjects concerning Native Americans. This is a unique collection, amassed since 1969, and a subject guide is available upon request from Mr. Berry. 

See also Champagne's Native North American Almanac, listed under History heading. 

Arts & Literature 

1. American Indian Film Institute. (2001). Films of the American Indian Film Festival 1975-2000. San Francisco, CA: American Indian Film Institute. UCB NAS: REF PN1995.9.I48 A46 2001 Also see AIFI website: A unique catalog of 626 films and videos made by and about Native North Americans, collected by the AIFF and shown over 25 years at their annual film festivals. Includes photographs, in-depth background for each film, and distribution and pricing information. Also included with this volume is a searchable CD-Rom. 

2. Poster collection 

UCB NAS: Not cataloged Contains approximately 1000 posters in various sizes from academic, governmental, non-governmental and community events ranging from the mid-1960's to the present. Since this is not cataloged, see Mr. Berry for assistance with it. 

3. Slides collection 

UCB NAS: Not cataloged Contains approximately 1000 35mm slides depicting material culture, primarily, but also people. Since this is not cataloged, see Mr. Berry for assistance. 

4. Kilcup, K. L. (Ed.). (2000). Native American women's writing c. 1800-1924: An anthology. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers. UCB REF: REF PS508 .I5 N374 2000 NAS 

SJSU King: 810.8092 Native 

CSUF: PS508 .I5 N374 2000 Designed to transform readers' views of 19th-century American literature, this reference introduces a diverse selection of genres and samples of Native women's writing. Includes full texts and coherent selections. Includes primary and secondary bibliographic references for individual authors and an index. 

5. Whitson, K. J. (1999). Native American literatures: An encyclopedia of works, characters, authors, and themes. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO. UCB NAS: REF PS153 .I52 W47 1999 NAS 

SJSU King: REF PS153.152 W47 1999 and as an electronic book 

CSUF: PS153 .I52 W47 1999 A reader's encyclopedia for Native literature, with an outstanding, concise history in the preface. By no means comprehensive, this provides summary and interpretive outlines of those texts that would be of greatest interest to students. Cross-references and appended bibliography guide the user in continuing research. Also includes sparse but interesting illustrations and an index. 

6. Tillett, Rebecca. (2007). Contemporary Native American literature Moffitt & Main(Gardner): PM155 .T55 2007 

Native American Studies PM155 .T55 2007 This book is one example of a volume that discusses more contemporary Native American literature. It's compact, but it introduces Native American literature by looking at several influential writers in their specific historical contexts. Search OskiCat for "Native American Literature" for a variety of other current sources. 

See also Portrait Index, listed under People heading. 


Bancroft Library 

UCB The Bancroft Library holds many unique collections concerning Native American history. Undoubtedly, most valuable here is the collection of vocabulary lists for 75 Native California languages, compiled by C. Hart Merriam. These have been critically important in language revitalization efforts. To locate the lists, search "C. Hart Merriam" in the Online Archive of California (listed below), and look for the links to "vocabularies" in Volume 1 of the Merriam papers. Other Bancroft collections of special interest to Native American researchers include the Honeyman, R.H. Lowie, 

A.L. Kroeber, Coronel, Samuel Barrett, J.W. Powell, and Philip Stedman Sparkman collections. Land case maps, dating from the 1500s, are used to determine California land claims. For these, search the OPAC by place name. Oral histories are also a trove of the Bancroft. Search OskiCat for Indians North American oral history as subject keywords and limit to the Bancroft library. You can search/ browse the "California Cultures" collection through Calisphere ( You can also access the Honeyman collection and others through the Bancroft Library site,, but it seems that the online collections are through either calisphere or OAC. 

Davis-Kimball, J. (Ed.). (1993). Finding guide to the California Indian library 

collections: California State Library (8 vols.). Berkeley, CA: California Indian Library 

Collections, Phoebe A. Hearst, Museum of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley. 

UCB NAS: REF E78 .C15 C28 1993 v. 1-8 NAS 

SJSU King: E78.C15 F54x 1993 Indexes collections of literature, photographic and sound recording data available via the California Indian Library Collections (CILC). Literature contents are available only at the Ethnic Studies Library, University of California, Berkeley, Ethnic Studies Library and at the California State Library in Sacramento. Many of the indexed items are in the collections of various libraries on the UCB campus. Use to find audio-visual sources regarding language, art, and tribes in California. Includes a tribal bibliography and a bibliography arranged by Call Number. See online source guide for online availability (ERIC). See also related bibliographic compilation listed next. 

Brandt, R. S., & Davis-Kimball, J. (Eds.). (1994). Bibliographies of northern and central California Indians (3 vols.). Berkeley, CA: California Indian Library Collections, Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley. UCB NAS: REF Z 1209 .2 .U52 C222 1994 v. 1-3 NAS 

SJSU King: E78.C15 B44x 1994 Provides an expanded version of the general & tribal literature bibliographies included in the CILC Finding Guide listed above. Does not include Call Numbers. Also, see: 


1. Reddy, M.A. (Ed.). (1995). Statistical record of Native North Americans (2nd Ed.). Detroit, MI: Gale. UCB NAS: REF HA217 .573 1995 NAS 

SJSU King: E98.P76 S73 1993 (1993 most recent edition) Compilation of historical and recent statistics regarding Native populations of North America, drawn from records of state, federal, tribal and other governments, associations, and other organizations. Includes data not available otherwise. Provides comprehensive keyword index and full citations of original sources to aid in-depth research. 

2. Thornton, R. (1987). American Indian holocaust and survival: A population history since 1492 (The civilization of American Indian series, v. 186). Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press. UCB NAS: E98 .P7 T54 cop. 2 NAS 

SJSU King: REF E59.P75 T48 1987 

CSUF: E59 .P75 T48 1987 Important demographic history charting the decline and revival of Native American populations in North America since the arrival of Columbus. Drawn from scholarly work and consultation, with extensive bibliography references, an index, and an appendix outlining the population histories of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. 


1. Tiller, V.E.V. (Ed.). (2005). Tiller's guide to Indian Country: Economic profiles of American Indian reservations. Albuquerque, NM: BowArrow Publishing Co. UCB NAS: REF HD2344 .5 U6 T55 2005 NAS 

Details contributions of Native Americans, past and present, to the U.S. economy. Revises, expands, and updates the out-dated Federal and State Indian Reservations and Indian Trust Areas, published in 1974 by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Data submitted by tribes themselves and arranged geographically with maps. Includes extensive bibliography and index. 


1. Schlachter, G. A. & Weber, R.D. (2003). Financial Aid for Native Americans (2003-2005 Ed.). El Dorado Hills, CA: Reference Service Press. UCB NAS: REF LB2338 .F5646 

SJSU: Available as an e-book (see OPAC) 

CSUF: Available as an e-book (see OPAC) Comprehensive guide to all sorts of financial assistance and internships, with contact information and concise descriptions and guidelines. Includes annotated bibliography and six indexes (by program title, sponsoring organization, residences, tenability, subject, and calendar. Use the Oskicat link to see which UCB libraries have which editions- as of April 2010, Doe has the 2009-2011 edition, NAS has the 2006-2008 edition, and the e-books available through SJ State and CSU Fullerton are the 1999-2001 editions.  


Byers, P. K. (Ed.). (1995). Native American Genealogical Sourcebook. Detroit, MI: Gale 


UCB NAS: REF LB23238 .F5646 2003-2004 NAS Well-organized handbook for genealogical methods, records, and resources of special interest to Native Americans, with an important and clearly written introduction to the "things to know before you begin." Includes a user's guide, and indexes by author, title and organization, and subject. 

Health & Medicine 

1. Moerman, Daniel E. (1998). Native American Ethnobotany. Portland, OR: Timber Press. UCB NAS: REF E98 .B7 M66 1998 NAS 

CSUF: REF E98 .B7 M66 1998 A comprehensive compilation of ethno-botanical materials recorded in firsthand accounts over 150 years. Stunning coverage of 44,691 uses for 4,029 plants, half of which are medicinal, the rest used for nutrition, fibers, dyes, and more. Represents centuries of accumulated knowledge and a lifetime of work by the anthropologist author. The listings fall into 186 different categories, and are indexed by tribe, usage, plant synonym and common name. Includes bibliographic references. 

2. Vogel, V. J. (1970). American Indian Medicine (Civilization of the American Indian series, v. 95). Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press. UCB NAS: E98.M35 V8 1973 

SJSU: Available as an electronic book, check OPAC 

CSUF: E98 .M4 V6 [also available as an electronic book, see OPAC] Covers a variety of aspects of traditional medicine, placing greater emphasis on 'rational therapy', especially botanicals, far more useful and informative than mongraphs on shamanistic or new-ager rituals that have received more dramatic attention. 


1. Champagne, D. (Ed.). (1994). The Native North American almanac: A reference work on Native North Americans in the United States and Canada. Detroit, MI: Gale Research. UCB NAS: REF E77 .N37 2001 NAS

SJSU King: REF E77 .N37 2001 While this source is useful as an all-purpose reference, it is noted here for an outstanding 186-page chronology of Native North American history from before 1500 to 2000. This will be particularly useful to laypeople who need snapshots of key events and developments in a timeline format. Effectively summarizes a world of other topics, with illustrations, maps, photographs, bibliographic references, occupation index, glossary, and general index.  

2. Hill, E. E. (Ed.). (1981). Guide to records in the National Archives of the United States relating to American Indians. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service. UCB NAS: REF E93 .A12 H5 NAS 

SJSU King: E93 .H54x 

CSUF: GS 1.16/6:AM 3 A key to the trove of records of Native Americans who lived within what is today the boundaries of the U.S., those who lived in the border areas of Canada and Mexico, and some who lived in former European colonies who had direct contact with the 

U.S. government. Read the introduction to understand the National Archives' "record groups" and other important classification terms. Includes an index. See online resource guide for availability through ERIC. 

3. Hodge, F. W. (Ed.). (1969). Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico (2 vols.). New York: Greenwood Press. (Original work published in 1907 as Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 30). UCB NAS: E51 .U58 no. 30 

SJSU King: E77 .H69 

CSUF: SI 2.3.30/1959 Offers phenomenally detailed descriptions of individuals and groups living in North America before and after the arrival of Europeans. With numerous variations of names included, the volumes are useful as a thesaurus of Native American names 

and terminology. Includes some illustrations, maps, enormous synonymy, and bibliography. 

4. Patterson, A. M. & Brodoff, M. (Eds.). (1980). The John Collier Papers 1922-1968: A guide to the microfilm edition. Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms International 

UCB REF: E93 .C7 A12 P3 NAS A significant 20th century ally of Native Americans, Collier was an author, editor, reformer and commissioner of Indian Affairs between 1933 and 1945. His microfilmed papers, indexed here, are available in UCB's Ethnic Studies Library, as well as in UCLA's AISC library. [Note: None of UCB's NAS microfilm sources are catalogued, so for the Collier papers, ask Mr. Berry to show you where they are.] 

5. The Rupert and Jeannette Costo Collection of the American Indian 

UCR: This is a collection at UC Riverside- not available online or at UC Berkeley. The link above provides some introductory information about the collection. An important collection of the Native American founders of the American Indian Historical Society, consisting of 7,000 volumes and 9,000 documents, pamphlets, slides, tape recordings and works of art. Materials collected directly from Indian tribal leaders include significant documentation of Indian water rights. 

6. Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology. (1978). List of publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology with index to authors and titles. Columbus, OH: Weatherford Books. (Original work published 1971). 

UCB ANTH: E 51.U6 no. 200 (unrestricted use, 2 copies) 

UCB BANC: E51 .U6 no. 200 (restricted use). 

SJSU King: E51 .U55 1908/09, no 3 

CSUF: SI 2.3.200 This is a reprint of Bulletin 200, the final, comprehensive index to articles published by the Bureau of Ethnology (BAE) between 1877 and 1970. Includes list of publications with author and title indexes appended. For a subject guide to articles published between 1879 and 1931, see the related guide listed next. Reader should keep in mind that these publications were written and compiled by U.S. government-sponsored anthropologists and archaeologists. See online resource guide for online availability. 

7. Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology. (1933). General index: Annual reports of the Bureau of American Ethnology, vols. 1 to 48 (1879 to 1931). Bonnerjea, B. (Ed.). Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office. UCB MAIN: E51 .U5 v. 48 

SJSU King: Z1209 .U49 Use this for a subject index to publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology (BAE). Also includes a list of annual reports of the BAE with index to authors and titles in Part II. The advantage of this source is its subject index, which was discontinued in 1931, when this was published. Use the author/title index in the resource listed directly above this one for items published by the BAE after 1931. 


Nieto, Catherine Rodriguez-. (1982). Sound recordings in native American languages : a catalogue. 

University of California, Berkeley. Language Laboratory. Berkeley : Language Laboratory, University of California, 1982 NAS PM102 .U5 1982 

Guide to recordings of Native American languages made in the UC Berkeley language laboratory, including 88 Native American languages. 

Law & Politics 

1. American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation. (1996). Mending the circle: A Native American repatriation guide. New York : American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation. UCB NAS: REF KF 8210 .R47 M45 1996 NAS 

A guide to seeking repatriation of specific Native American items using the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and other repatriation policies. Ring-bound, with tabs. 

2. Clinton, R. N., Newton, N. J., & Price, M.E. (1991). American Indian law: Cases and materials (3rd Ed.). Charlottesville, VA: The Michie Company. UCB NAS: REF KF8204 .C55 1991 

Surveys major trends in federal Indian law to make key issues and cases more comprehensible and communicable to teachers and students. A dense but readable digest, this is a practical place to begin Native American legal research. Includes table of cases and index. 

3. Deloria, V. & DeMallie, R. J. (Eds.). (1999). Documents of American Indian diplomacy: Treaties, agreements, and conventions, 1775-1979 (Legal history of North America, v. 4). Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press. UCB NAS: REF KF802 1999 NAS 

SJSU King: KF8202 1999 [Also available as an electronic book, see OPAC for link] 

CSUF: KF8202 1999 This 2-volume set presents numerous treaties omitted by Kappler's second volume (listed below), because they were not ratified, found by Kappler, or predate the U.S. The authors propose the treaties listed here are legally binding and deserve the attention of U.S. courts and Congress. Contains a foreword by Senator Daniel K. Inouye, bibliography, and index (in volume 2). 

4. Grossman, M. (1996). The ABC-CLIO companion to the Native American rights movement. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO. UCB NAS: REF KF 8203 .36 .G76 1996 NAS 

CSUF: KF8203.36 .G76 1996 [also available as an electronic book, see OPAC] Arranged in encyclopedic format, this compendium covers issues, people, and events behind the modern rights movement. Includes a chronology, generous bibliographic references and cross-indexing, as well as a subject index. 

5. Kappler, C.J. (Ed.). (1904). Indian affairs, laws and treaties (5 vols.). Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office. UCB NAS: REF KF 8203 1977 NAS 

SJSU King: KF8203 1903 

CSUF: KF8203 .I53 An overwhelming but critically important compendium of the laws and treaties through which the U.S. government abused Native Americans from 1778 to 1934. Includes full text of entries, with margin notes and indexes. While this resource does not cover every single law and treaty ever enacted, it is of enduring use to legal scholars. See online resource guide for online availability. 

6. Mazurek, J. P., Wrend, J., Smith, C. (Eds.). (1998). American Indian law deskbook: Conference of Western American Attorneys General (2nd Ed.). Niwot, CO: University Press of Colorado. UCB NAS: REF KF8205 .A76 1998 UCB NAS: KF8205 .A76 2006 Suppl. (most recent supplement) 

SJSU King: KF8205 .A76 1993 [1993 most recent] 

CSUF: KF8205 .A76 1998 [plus 2000 suppl.] A collaborative effort by Indian law experts in nearly every state represented by the Conference of Western Attorneys General. Forms a comprehensive and objective digest designed to educate, clarify, and guide readers on key issues of Native American law, such as tribal sovereign immunity, hunting & fishing rights, environmental regulation, gaming, and child welfare. 


1. Bataille, G. (Ed.). (1993). Native American Women: A biographical dictionary. New York: Garland Publishing. UCB NAS: REF HQ 1412 .N38 1993 NAS 

SJSU King: E98 .W8 B38 2001 [2001 edition available] 

CSUF: E98 .W8 B38 2001 [2001 edition available] An ambitious and creative research project, this source fills previous gaps in the availability of information about Native American women. Important for erasing stereotypes of 'squaws' and 'princesses'. Each entry is signed and includes references. Selected bibliography, identification of academic and expert contributors, and appended lists of entries by primary area of specialization, decades of birth, state/province of birth, tribal affiliation, and a general index. 

2. Hamlin-Wilson, G. (Ed.). (1991). Biographical dictionary of Indians of the Americas (2nd Ed., 2 vols.). Newport Beach, CA: American Indian Publishers. UCB NAS: REF E89 .B56 1991 

SJSU King: E89 .B56 1991 By and about Native Americans, this is an exceptional source for important, previously neglected Native Aemricans. Contains numerous portraits, bibliographic references, and, in vol. 2, an index to variant names and another to tribes. Seeks to address a previous dearth of biographical information about prominent Native Americans. Contains concise profiles, written from a Native American perspective, with ample illustration and bibliographic references, as well as a tribal index. 

3. Frazier, P. (Ed.). (1996). Portrait index of North American Indians in published collections (2nd Ed.). Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, Humanities & Social Sciences Division. UCB NAS: REF E89 .F725 1996 NAS 

SJSU King: LC 1.2:P 83/3/996 

CSUF: LC 1.2:P 83/3/1996 Lists portraits available in the Library of Congress collections, including some which are the work of Native photographers. Each listing includes a citation, LC Call Number, and some have notes. Contains a list of sources, short title list, tribal affiliation (using current-day names), some full-page illustrations, and a name index. 

5. Malinowski, S. & Abrams, G. H. J. (Eds.). (1995). Notable Native Americans. New York: Gale Research. UCB NAS: REF E89 .N67 1995 NAS 

SJSU King: REF E89 .N67 1995 Written and published in consultation with a panel of Native American scholars and experts, this reference profiles 265 notable Native Americans from all fields, with 30% historical persons and 70% contemporary. Entries are detailed and signed by their authors, whose qualifications are noted in the list of contributors. An introduction discusses what constitutes a Native American and should be noted. Entries are listed by name, tribal group, and occupations and/or tribal roles. Includes extensive bibliographic references, ample photographs and illustrations, and a subject index. 

6. Malinowski, S. & Glickman, S. (Eds.). (1996). Native North American Biography (2 vols.). New York: UXL (Gale Research). UCB NAS: REF E89 .N395 1996 v. 1-2 NAS Excellent source of biographical sketches, including references for further reading, illustrations, and, often, highlighted quotes by or about the individual described. Also includes a list of entries by tribal group, a reader's guide, and picture credits. 

7. Markowitz, H. & Adams, M. (Eds.). (2005). American Indian biographies. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press. UCB NAS: REF E98 .A46 2005 NAS 

CSUF: REF E98 .A46 2005 UIT biographical sketches of 239 historically notable American Indians, this reference covers well-known and previously overlooked individuals. Spans arrival of colonists to current day. Most of the essay contributors are scholars from universities around the country. For each listing, aliases are given, as well as tribal affiliation, and a detailed statement on the person's historic significance. Includes a time line, tribal affiliations index, and general index, as well as some photographs. 

8. Sonneborn, L. (1998). A to z of Native American women. New York: Facts on File. UCB NAS: REF E98 .W8 S65 1998 NAS. 

SJSU King: E98 .W8 S65 1998 Historic and contemporary cross-section of women. Includes map of traditional tribal locations, references for further reading, aliases, a list of recommended sources on Native American women's studies, lists of entries by area of activity and tribe, and a general index. Interrelationships between women profiled are indicated in the text by small caps. 

Tribes, Nations, and other Organizations 

1. OskiCat [OPAC] 

UCB: An easy interface for searching UCB's catalog. Search tribe name, clicking on subject keyword button. All UC Catalog: SJSU: 

Search tribe name as subject. CSUF: Search tribe name as subject.  

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